Al-Bukhari: the leadership of the kingdom is prepared to develop relations with Lebanon

"The Kingdom under the direction of the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is at the beginning of a new renaissance based on the vision of 2030 and the programs, initiatives and development projects that the Include private and public sectors. It aims to diversify the economy, increase productivity and efficiency of spending, and strengthen economic partnerships. These programs will provide thousands of business and investment opportunities, not just for Saudi & # 39; s, but for all qualified companies and institutions in their sectors from around the world. & # 39;

"We hope that after the formation of the government there will be a qualitative leap in bilateral relations: more than 20 draft agreements have been drawn up between the two countries and they are all waiting to be signed", he said during his lunch in the Lebanese Saudi Business Council. After the formation of the government We say here that the leadership of the Kingdom is prepared to develop relations with Lebanon in different areas, and it is not only Lebanon and its communities and regions but also good and prosperous, and wants the best relations with Lebanon, based on mutual respect and common interests, and we hope that Lebanon is always stable and prosperous. "

The President of the Council, Raouf Abu Zaki made a speech and welcomed the public "in this place of the mountain rich in green spaces maintained by the leader Walid Jumblatt, thanks to his sense of excellent environment and acumen in the region."

He said: "It is time to restore the comprehensive natural relations together, fully and integrated." All wars must end, no matter how long, especially between friends and brothers, enough to miss opportunities, the return of tourism, investment and economic movement. The past is a good thing and a blessing for everyone: in view of the 2030 vision and the program-gigantic projects and a new phase of development and economic diversification that will provide opportunities for all of Lebanon, the program awaited the Cedar Foundation. conference and many of the infrastructure projects to participate in the private sector.For side-and-investment in the case of the availability of suitable climate, the political and security situation for economic. "

"We have open agreements for everyone in our countries and abroad, and the Lebanese are good intermediaries for investment and trade," he said. Let us work together with the world for the common good. & # 39;

Lebanon's ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Fawzi Kabara, also praised relations between the two countries and the role of the Lebanese and Saudi Works Council and the Lebanese Labor and Investment Council in Saudi Arabia. He expected "a significant improvement in relations and exchanges between the two countries."

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