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Like the sun that embraces the glory of fate and does not deviate, and of the sacrament of the sacrifice cut in the Eastern series, the first year of the second liberation was crowned with positions of historical fidelity.

Van Hermel, the martyrdom city and tender that earned with Baalbek, Bekaa and all of Lebanon and the Order of Victory over Terror, outlined Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and presented solutions for crises.

With regard to the last seven years, the Secretary-General calls for the question of the fate of Lebanon, the region and all its peoples to have prevailed as terrorism. However, it is the men of God, the people of the Bekaa and their youth, and the Golden Equations have preserved the region and Lebanon. They have come to the battlefield without slowing down, and now they are ready to take part in every battle, and one signal is sufficient for their sincerity and sincerity, "Nasrallah said.

This is the value of embracing the resistance and fighting with the Lebanese army. This is an experiment that will be built on in the future and there will be no exploitation of the resistance environment, nor will it affect the determination of its people.

The Secretary General's invitation to preach the experiences of betting on the United States and the Zionist entity, and lessons about that much of the Shah in Iran to Antoine Lahd in South Lebanon, and then the new lesson that was recorded by leaving Washington from his terrorists in southern Syria this year.

The Lebanese government is part of the speech of Mr. Nasrallah, a thorough diagnosis of the causes of the crisis, anyone who tries to keep Hezbollah responsible and the image of the relationship of the president of the republic, does not end.

And the importance of future benefits should accelerate the formation of the government, Mr. Nasrallah explained, or the search with regard to Syria is left to the post-composition and via the Ministerial Statement Committee.

And for those who connect the government crisis with the international tribunal, a word that has confidence in the court: the court does not exist, its decisions do not concern us and do not play with fire.

And the people of the Bekaa and the whole environment of resistance do not call the Secretary-General into falling down those who are unable to confront the resistance with weapons by taking them to the arena that has done miracles.

source: Al Manar channel

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