Al-Marabi after meeting with Fanyanos: We hope to form the government as soon as possible

The Minister of Public Works and Transport in the interim government, Youssef Fenianos, received today in his office a delegation of the Association of former deputies led by Talal Al-Marabi, and discussed the general situation in the country and the atmosphere of the association with approximately 200 deputies and former minister.

Al-Marabi hoped that "the government will be formed as soon as possible to respond to the problems and civil affairs", and praised "the work of Minister Fanyanos to meet the demands of popular development in all Lebanese regions & # 39; s."

Fanyanos discussed with the member of the block "Development and Liberation" MP Qasim Hashim the situation of government and economic development services and the needs of mountain areas, before the winter season.

The former minister also met with Ms. Laila Solh Hamada.

He continued regional development issues with a member of the block "strong republic" MP Joseph Isaac.

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