Al-Tabash: the immunity of a deputy who resorted to slander and slander can be lifted and then prosecuted

A member of the "Future-blind" MP Rola Al-Tabash Jaroudi, on the subject of "falling language" in the hint of some politicians, pointed out that "opinions can be expressed without prejudice.

She pointed out in a press interview that "those who resort to this drug, reduce the amount, the message can be delivered in a respectable way, and this type of Twitter points to weakness, power does not need these methods to change its position. give or criticize. "Anyone who is the victim of abuse has the right to resort to justice," she said. "It is true that MPs enjoy immunity, but measures can be taken to remove them from the deputy who resorts to slander, slander and slander and then instigates a lawsuit. "

"This is a sign of how reckless these people in Lebanon are and promote it as they claim," she said and stressed that "it is better if we walk in the manner of the President, the President of the House of Representatives and the Prime Minister. To achieve a government that will promote economic development. "

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