Alain Aoun: The President's use of the deadline will be politically different and can be done with Hariri

A member of the powerful block of Lebanon, MP Allan Aoun, pointed out that "it is clear that the deadline of September 1, to which President Michel Aoun refers, is a period of political abuse that differs from him in the process of forming the government, "noteworthy" "With this feedback, this situation can continue if there is no shock."

He stated in a television interview that "the signal that President Aoun gives is that in the next phase the deal with different parties in the form of formation will be reviewed and that the head of the nurturing government in charge of the formation of the government Saad Hariri one of the government leaders is His words, with which he manages the design process. "

Aoun stressed that "the impression exists that the process of forming the government is in the hands of external parties to pressure Hariri and others to block the government", hoping that "Hariri says the formation of the government and what he proposed to prevent, "until we get rid of" stresses that "Where Hariri and on the table placed a variety in which the adoption of a single standard, and Nnjtvtha, we become a prisoner.

& # 39; Who said that President Aoun would turn the table against Hariri? They might be able to run them together, & # 39; he said.

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