An attack maneuver for the army with modern and advanced weapons and weapons battalions

On Thursday, the Lebanese army will conduct an attack on the infantry regiment to test the new "ElBaradei" missiles that were recently received from the United States as part of the US assistance program for the Lebanese army, in collaboration with the 1st artillery, first armored, antitank and air force teams. Joseph Aoun and the American ambassador in Lebanon, Elizabeth Richard, with an American training team.

During the exercise advanced weapons and ammunition will be used, according to a military resource for "Central", with high accuracy to hit targets of great importance (High Value Targets) and to gain the merit and experience of the special battalions in the Lebanese army. prove.

Regarding the importance of the event at the level of military support, sources familiar with the & # 39; central & # 39; It is expected that the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, would belong to the military establishment with a special gesture, so that he could personally attend the exercise, but the sources did not confirm this presence.

In June, the military carried 8 armored people carriers to the Bradley battlefield, which can be used as the basis for modern anti-tank missiles and a 25 mm submachine gun. The first of the Bradley tanks, where the US military continues to supply goods to the Lebanese army to have more than 200 million of this type in 2018 and 2019.

Source: Central News Agency

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