An Italian of Moroccan descent who is accused of espionage in Lebanon

An Italian of Moroccan descent who is accused of espionage in Lebanon

Karim Beshri was arrested during his visit to Beirut during the filming of sensitive locations for Lebanese national security.

An Italian citizen, Erica Mazilu, said that her 24-year-old son, Karim Beshri, had been detained in Lebanon since March 3 when he was caught photographing some military areas.

She told La Repubblica that she had regularly spoken on the phone and had reassured her for three months, but that contact with him had been interrupted since June 14 after being locked up in solitary confinement, told the Italian consulate in Beirut to Amnesty International. I wrote it to follow up the file.

Karim Beshri, a Moroccan father, worked as a commercial representative in the city of Vicenza after he left the university, was a travel and photography enthusiast and visited many countries.

He was arrested during his third visit to Beirut, when he recorded sensitive places for Lebanese national security without his knowledge, according to the mother's report.

The mother of Karim, a famous cook in her city, is not aware of the charges against her son and is awaiting the end of the investigation in early September, according to the Italian consulate, to move to Beirut to check her son.

The Italian Foreign Ministry has already announced that it pays special attention to the case of Karim Bchri and continues to communicate with his parents according to Magribini.

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