… and exploded between & # 39; forces & # 39; and & # 39; mainstream & # 39; – during the day

While the country is still under the influence of the public holiday of Eid al-Adha, so that no official activity was held and the situation on the front of the government formation continues, the confrontation broke out between the free patriotic movement & # 39; and the Lebanese armed forces after the TV speech of the & # 39; Armed Forces & # 39; leader Samir Geagea Yesterday, the head of the current Gibran Bassil sent his own account on Twitter: "This is the individual and collective political suicide, to defeat the man himself and his brother and his group for a political ministerial and political moment to pass by and refrain from authority and custom and "agreement" This is in support of the covenant … but we are engaged in reconciliation and the covenant will continue to exist. "

"The book of conditions approved by the ministers of troops after the elections is the same that they rejected before the elections in August 2017," said the Minister of Energy and Water, Cesar Abi Khalil, in the electricity file. Was and left to their project: Electricity zone allows them to finance locally as other parties on the basis of what they said to be me.

"Some are ready to deprive the presidency of all its forces to weaken its opponent, a position similar to what happened 30 years ago, the same positions and the same strategic mistakes of the same people," said MP Nicola Sahnawi. "He started to become aware."

He said that "the strong Lebanese block is the union of the Alliance on the grounds that it led the elections." In support of him, "and therefore" the share of the president can only be counted "including one of the 29 deputies forming part of this block, leading to the abolition of the share of the president of the independent republic of all political options or alliances or representation of a political party, regardless of whether that party Free patriotic movement or other:

The current head of the forces that have the political options and electoral alliances of the supporting parties or the opposition against the president of the republic or others, has nothing to do with the representation of the presidency as a constitutional site in the government and customs and use, or we should consider everyone who supports the covenant or the president, such as armed forces or others. The government is not only political, but also constitutional and also a charter! And here we ask the head of the armed forces whether the options or alliances later contradict who represents the presidency?

The head of the armed forces said: "Our discussions and the content of our agreement in the frozen settlement because of the incorrect interpretations and the suspicious practices that objected to its proper execution, including what we are discussing here, that was quoted yesterday in his television -interview, where the share of the president is completely independent of the current quota, It is in the interest of today to return to all these principles that strengthen the position of the presidency of the republic and the coup against it and then claim that the armed forces support the alliance and the president with national and internal democratic choices and ask the head of the armed forces, so support the President and his powers and the covenant?

We want to point out that what we plant today is harvested tomorrow and that every concession received today will affect not only this covenant, but also the coming covenants. & # 39;

While the "strong republic" block led by Geagea in the afternoon gathered in Madagascar, the communiqué ignored the party's daily campaign, while former MP Fadi Karam, after reading the statement, responded a reporter's question about the joy of Basil: "In our meetings, and my advice to Basil to hear his words."

The bloc reaffirmed its willingness to form the government "today for tomorrow, because the deteriorating life situation does not allow further delay, especially as we go to school and winter, and believes that the" Lebanese Armed Forces "have already made efforts to approve to speed up the observance of political peace to create favorable conditions to the negotiations on authoring, to provide maximum concessions for the birth of the government, and confirms the block that the ball in court of unfairly trying and scaling the Lebanese armed forces, who bear the responsibility of the Lebanese delay in the author.

He stressed that Lebanon should immediately draw up a socio-economic emergency plan, and not less, because the situation is no longer intolerable and is foreshadowing real disasters if no radical solutions are found that turn Lebanon into a genuine workshop for economy, development and tourism that can be transferred from reality. It is in a better reality. He was surprised by the deliberate insistence on normalization with the Syrian regime and the tension of the country in controversial cases that were suspended and deported to ensure political stability and institutional regularity, especially since the war in Syria is not yet at an end, peace not is achieved, reconciliation is not achieved and reconciliation is far from achieved. The subject of trade to avoid the repercussions on the formation of the government and to maintain internal political stability pending a final settlement that enjoys Arab and international umbrella.

He also stressed the need to stick to the policy of self-clearing and "to solve the problem of displaced persons, away from attempts to normalize and keep the displaced at the same time." He called for the mechanisms to be speeded up to be returned via a four-party committee, UN, US, Russian and Lebanese. possible.

In another context, not far from the controversial controversial issues, the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, expressed the hope that the United States will adopt a policy of peace in the Middle East, especially the rest of the world, because it will bring peace and stability to the people. Said Lebanon is committed to the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701 and calls on the US government to put pressure on Israel to stop its violations of Lebanese sovereignty, especially the Lebanese airspace that has always violated it to bomb Syrian territory. The President stressed the importance of supporting Washington to renew UNIFIL's mandate, without any change in its functions and much of its budget, as it helps to maintain stability, especially as the Lebanese army helps the international armed forces in their tasks. and coordinate with them to achieve this goal.

He reiterated his determination to call for a national dialogue on the defense strategy after the formation of the new government has been completed.

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