Arrest of a suspect in the area around the Red Sea in Sidon

The South Beach detachment under the supervision of the competent court has stopped a lorry driver from transporting the rubble against investigation against the background of the fire that broke out in the Redam area on the southern bank of Saida this afternoon after he was suspected of the last person who entered the site before the fire broke out. .

The arrested driver is called "JT" He works for a local contractor to transport debris. It was reported that the contractor had been called to make his statement. While the truck was being held until the investigation was completed.

The fire was in the area of ​​the flood defense, when fire broke out in waste mixed with rubbish and rubber bands when black clouds of smoke rose in the atmosphere of the area. For the fire brigade and cars of the fire brigade of the municipality of Sidon to surround the fire and control the fire.

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