Berri for the "Druzeknoop": treat the other contract and humiliate the rest

Imad Marmal wrote in the newspaper "Republic":

Parliament President Nabih Berri now moves on several tracks, he follows the file of the formation of the government and tries to contribute to the dismantling of his mines. He prepares for participation in the mass gathering organized by the Amal movement at 31 August in Baalbek, The Imam Musa al-Sadr and his two companions hide, where he will hold an important and comprehensive speech, while he oversees the preparations for the convening of the General Conference of the Amal movement in September, which expectation will be an end point in the course of the movement.

However, the priority for Berri remains at the moment of the government's difficult situation, especially since the inability to form the government continues to have negative effects on the faltering economic reality and the work of the new parliament, which Berry is trying to " lost time »to retain it« Legislative forms, in which the joint parliamentary committees are called to meet before Thursday afternoon next meeting.

The leader of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, met his son, MP Taymor Ghazi Aridi and Minister Ali Hassan Khalil, who concentrated on the reasons for the long-term stalemate in forming the government and the supposed roads from the tunnel of the swollen contract.

Berri told Al-Gomhuria that his meeting with Jumblatt was part of a natural dialogue between them about how to speed up the formation of the government and to overcome the obstacles that postpone its birth.

When Berri asks whether he has put forward ideas with Jumblatt to solve the "Druze Node", Gamza replies to the Christian discord about quotas: "They must deal with the other contracts and then humiliate the rest."

In response to another question, Berri is surprised that there is a problem with regard to the function of Deputy Prime Minister and the Ministry of Defense "knowing that each is nothing more than a symbolic location, since the constitutional powers are concentrated in the hands of the prime minister, while his deputy has no authority and almost no place, Regarding the Minister of Defense, his role is formal and the basic military powers are in the hands of the army commander. & # 39;

"In our case, we have condemned our army at the Ministry of Defense, I have not asked for this bag for Amal, I have exhausted it completely after we've tried it and found it was not forward or delayed, so I think not that there is any justification for The Ministry of Defense's portfolio and the position of Deputy Prime Minister, because it is honestly not worth all of this ».

In the midst of the discussion with his visitors about the developments of the governmental crisis, Berri asks about the activity of president-appointed Saad Hariri and whether he has met the president after his holiday. His political assistant Ali Hassan Khalil said Hariri had a meeting with the information minister Melhem Riashi and not with President Michel Aoun.

"He was waiting for a different kind of movement and a stronger pace after Saad Hariri's return.This rhythm is not enough," he said.

At this moment the mobile phone from Khalil went, he went a bit further and returned with "the latest news" to the chairman of the council, saying: "Saad Hariri was the caller.

Berri asked him: what should I tell you? Khalil replied: "He told me that in the meantime he met Minister Al-Riyashi, and stressed that he was preparing to intensify his consultations and take active action." The president of the council replied: "It can be good."

Amal Festival

The government's concern, however, did not prevent Ain al-Tina from attending the intensive preparations for the Amal organized festival on Friday in Baalbek to commemorate the disappearance of Imam al-Sadr and his two companions.

A number of leaders of the movement and its cadres visited Bree and explained to him the details of the organizational and logistical preparations in connection with this occasion in which Berri will approach the local political situation with advanced positions and will address the challenges of the regional situation, especially those related to the developments of the Syrian crisis and the need to activate Lebanese-Syrian relations. O Ignore the socio-economic interests of the Bekaa region where Berri is likely to launch a full-fledged vision to address this.

During the discussion between the organizers of Berri and the Amal movement, he was told that his position on the pulpit was exposed to the intense sun that could upset him and that he had been circumvented by this natural factor & # 39; 39 ;. What have you done? "They replied that a huge crane was used to lift a moving" winch "in place to block the sun from the pulpit and to prevent heat.

Berri laughed and said to the people around him: "If you find that your plan has not benefited, I will go to the crowd and stay with them and tackle them from their ranks!"

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