Berri sticks to constitutional and parliamentary rules

A member of the future block MEP Samir al-Jisr said that "there are constitutional principles that require the presence of the government in the legislative sessions to defend themselves against a specific law or to request the restoration of another law for reconsideration. " He hoped to "intensify the legislative sessions during the session of Ordinary Parliament".

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At the official standpoint of the "future" block of the legislations to be held, the bridge explained in an interview that "when you commit the legislative session, we talk about it, and we know that Speaker Nabih Berri is keen on it to take account of constitutional and parliamentary assets. "

He said that "the Council's permanent meeting is a prelude to trust the government after the issuance of a decree," noteworthy "until the special session has a deadline and subjects are specific, otherwise the powers of the Council will increase and become broader when the government resigns. "

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Source: Bulletin (Lebanon)

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