Bkirki studied the dossier well and the decision … not to fill the fourth basin in different ways

Day and day Bkirki invited not only to oppose the design of the landfill from the point of opposition, nor because it wanted to play a political role by gathering the Christian parties on its table, but because it studied the directive in all its aspects and its technical and logistical content without being convinced of the feasibility of filling the catchment area The largest and the deepest not only in Lebanon, but also in the Middle East as a whole.

The Bkirki study of the directive shows that the Patriarchal Vicar for Foreign Affairs, Archbishop Boulos Al-Sayah, who had been appointed by the Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bashar Boutros-Raya to follow the dossier of the fourth basin, visited the port with a delegation of experienced specialists and stakeholders. Many of the huge and large distances that are not used by the Committee, which has been operating temporarily for more than twenty years. In the same context, the technical studies starting with Bkerki show the rejection of the issue of filling the fourth basin that the port management can collect the containers one above the other up to seven containers, thereby increasing the extended areas by 40% and then increasing the argument of dumping landfill to create extra space to receive the largest number Possibly imported from containers via ships. Another technical argument based on the shouting in his opposition to the project, the fall of the old harbor management argument that the number of imported containers will rise in 2018, creating extra space, and the reason for the unfortunate fall is the decrease in the number of containers imported into the port of Beirut due to the political and economic situation of Lebanon. At a time when the process of forming a government is faltering.

The project, which is sponsored by the port administration under the direction of Hassan Koreitem, aims to attack the port of Beirut and send annually more than 1,000 ships to the port of Tripoli, which affects about 2,000 families from Beirut, Lebanon mountain, the south and the Bekaa. Families cast their voice to the authorities, including Bkirki, and the bishop screamed with a green light from the Patriarch Shepherd. The sources confirm that immediately after he found that the project would be presented to the Cabinet after the formation of the government, Sermons from the atheist or in his daily conversations and for his visitors. And then every Christian party has the responsibility to change its position in the Lebanese public as a whole.

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