Cancellation of a flight with Lebanese from Medjugorje as a result of massive poisoning!

MTV reported that dozens of Lebanese who were on pilgrimage to the sanctuary of the Virgin Mary were poisoned in Medjugorje, without knowing the circumstances and causes of poisoning, knowing that they were in different hotels, but apparently had the same state of health.

In detail, since their arrival at the airport, passengers began to feel nauseated and somewhat lost, which meant that teams of doctors had to come to the airport to handle things, but not to improve, but a part removed from the plane and transferred to hospitals, For anyone who felt the symptoms of poisoning.

But about 29 people involved in the subject refused to leave the plane, and with the Lebanese refusal to respond, and with the bad cases and the high number decided to cancel the flight after 4 hours at the airport, where the redistribution of passengers in hotels without informing the Lebanese about the fate of their stay or why.

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