Chairman of the Council of Culture of Northern Lebanon: Nkhr sheep in ways that are contrary to the rules of conduct and religion

The head of the Cultural Council of Northern Lebanon, Safouh Munajid, condemned the "appearance of the city of Tripoli today, as a result of some of the traitors and people to slaughter the sheep in the roads and public squares, coinciding with the first day of Eid al-Adha, "descriptive What happened in" acts far removed from the procedures and rules of conduct, health and religious, and contrary to the contents of the Hadith, who declared: "the first of the pillars of faith, to damage the road. "

He said in a statement that "the streets of the ancient and modern city were expropriated by setting up sheep stalls, where they were sacrificed in the eyes of the children, blood was flowing on the roads and mixed with the remains of these sacrifices, besides their wool,, To become an environment for the breeding of insects.

He pointed out that "the impact of this situation persists for a few days, during which the city and its sons and their families live in this harmful and harmful atmosphere, knowing that the municipality of Tripoli was already looking at the gazabin and owners of sacrifices, a piece of land for this ritual, or put it in the slaughterhouse, They refused and insisted on carrying out the slaughter in the vicinity of their home. & # 39;

He asked the Department of Endowments and the municipality of Tripoli to "take all measures to prevent these practices and impose fines on offenders, to preserve the clean environment and to implement this ritual according to the correct religious rules."

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