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An emergency meeting took place at the office of the deputies in Hermel to discuss the incident of the death of the child Mohammed Fadi al-Rashaini in the fire that broke out yesterday in a house in Hermel, in the presence of a member of the loyalty team Blok Ihav Hamada, the governor of the Hermel Talal Qataya, Baalbek-Hermel Civil Protection Division Bilal Council, director of the Center for Civil Protection in the Islamic Health Authority in Hermel Al-Muhoor and the volunteers of the Civil Protection in the district of Hermel, and all children and parents van Hermel express condolences and condolences.

"The presence of a single employee in the center of Hermel points to the negligence of those involved," they said. "There is a need for small fire engines to enter the streets of the narrow neighborhoods." And agreed with a "temporary mechanism of the Federation of Municipalities of Hermel and the municipality to overcome the imbalance in terms of many and mechanisms, pending the state to exercise its role towards its citizens." The participants pointed out the need to strengthen the office of traffic in Hermel with a lot of equipment.

"The state is always aware of its citizens and the Civil Defense Center in Hermel is proof of this denial. There is a staff member and the work is on the shoulders of volunteers who are making efforts," Hamadeh said during the meeting. "This center has one mechanism that can not easily move around the neighborhood," he said. This center was equipped with some logistical matters of the municipalities and the private parties of "Hezbollah". And it is no longer allowed to keep the civil defense in the judiciary, based on this way it needs a number of equipment and budget.

He concluded: "We will not stop after what has happened, we have temporary solutions at our disposal and the responsibility of the municipalities, and we will now contribute to them at the level of many and mechanisms. to achieve, but the main responsibility remains the preservation of the state and the Minister of the Interior and Director-General of Civil Protection, which we hope to visit the center of Hermel to see the reality of the miserable.

source: National Media Agency

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