Crowding at Beirut airport .. Video of a VIP woman causes controversy

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Crowding at Beirut airport .. Video of VIP woman provokes controversy from the Saws site on Saturday, August 25, 2018.

As Beirut Airport sees a gap, as usual, at this time, after many Lebanese expats visited their country to spend Eid al-Adha holiday, a woman, in addition to heavy tourist traffic at the airport, escorted her child directly to the aircraft ladder. a private car.
Because hundreds of passengers wait long hours to complete their journey, the video that indicates the violation of all stations that the traveler has to go through, encouraged activists on the Twitter social networking site, prompting Lebanese security to issue a press release stating the circumstances be explained section.
The Lebanese security, in response to the rolling section, that what has appeared in the section, is a photographer who at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is delivered by the airport to a number of characters or against payment, indicating that on the international level. airport Rafic Hariri is a VIP-saloon (presidential salon and a salon of honor and a salon) The presidential salons and honor are opened by telegrams from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (prime ministers, ministers, deputy directors and general directors).
Lebanese security said that everyone can use the salon allowance for a salary of 500 thousand Lebanese pounds.
I have this video from #Pirot Airport? Is this correct? So much waiting for the suffocation there are those who travel like that? Can this happen? According to which mechanisms? Please clarify the issue: @ DGSG_Security @NohadMachnouk
– Daoud Ibrahim (@daywood) 24 August 2018

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Source: Saws

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