Death of the mother of the artist Claudia North

The mother of the artist Claudia Al-Shamali, Lauris Feghali, died a few minutes ago and the funeral date has not yet been determined.

"God bless you, my beloved mother, Lauris Feghali," she said.

It is remarkable that the artist Claudia North was known as a loud voice, and was famous for her singing of the color of the mountain. The first of her works was the song "Citi Hawa" by Michel Haddad and composed by Rafiq Hobeika, her first album "Yalla Yale" in 1994. She performed many concerts in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Many international festivals.

From the family of the art site we express our deep sympathy to the artist Claudia El Shamali, in the hope that the deceased will live in peace.

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