Disable internal authoring from the government and not externally

"The obstacle to forming the government is internal and not external, because some of the parties involved have a misunderstanding or a misunderstanding of the requirements that hinder the agreement between them about the future government," he said, adding that "Prime Minister-appointed Saad Hariri prepares to present a draft Ministerial Formation for President Michel Aoun at the end of the month based on the results of his recent consultations with the political parties, particularly the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, the Foreign Minister in the interim government, Gebran Bassil, Geagea and the head of the progressive party The former Socialist MP Walid Jumblatt, and met at the end of his advising House Speaker Nabih Berri and informed him on the results, hoping to help him overcome some of the obstacles to facilitate the birth of the government. "

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He pointed out that "Hariri understood during his last encounter with Bassil that the" Free Patriotic Movement "accepts that his share and the President of the Republic 10 ministers and also of Geagea accept that the" Lebanese Armed Forces "accept four pockets without a sovereign portfolio. or the function of deputy prime minister The media also promoted Hariri to give the President of the Republic a ministerial seat to be his share in exchange for the "future" move to a Christian ministerial seat.

I think Hariri, if he gives Aoun a variety based on these results, does not see the light, not because Aoun might not sign it, but because political factions will reject it, especially the Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese Force, let alone Jumblatt, Strongly supports the fact that the ministerial quota of the Druze is full of the progressive socialist party and has not yet taken a stand on the contrary, or even by accepting only two Druze Ministers. "Hariri said to Bassil during their last meeting: The third is off in government, knowing that you can form this W you and your ally," Hezbollah "replied Basil: Who said we want a blocking third? want, and the question is our rights and our share? ".

Al-Qutb expressed his fear that "this group does not see the light, because Bassil's statement about our right does not mean that he has given up his claim that the President and the Free Patriotic Movement have 11 ministers, that is, The right to talk about it, as well as the Lebanese armed forces, the acceptance of four ministries does not mean that it gave up its claim to a sovereign portfolio, especially if it is true that the President of the Republic is the person who has the required personal location of the Deputy Prime Minister. appoints.

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