Do not normalize with the Assad regime

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Rawia Heshmi (Beirut)

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, nominated by Lebanon, reiterated his rejection of the return of relations between his country and the Bashar al-Assad regime. "The fifth anniversary of the bombing of the mosques of piety and peace," he said, "is the anniversary of the bombing of the mosques of peace and piety in Tripoli, We are all with Tripoli.We will not be the martyrs of the righteous forgotten, and we will not forget that two officers from the Syrian regime intelligence service participated in the crime and were judged in absentia before the Council of Justice. »George Aqeis, Member of the Lebanese Armed Forces Party, said yesterday a statement that the subject of the relationship with Syria persists through the formation crisis that the government is pursuing, emphasizing that there is no link between the government and a large and problematic dossier and a condition for its composition.

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Source: Okaz newspaper

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