Events today after insulting Egypt .. Mona Mtbouh from detention to exit

Al-Wafd Newspaper: Iman Saad wrote:

The Egyptian Court of Cassation condemned the Egyptian people on Sunday to "insult the Egyptian people" after accepting the appeal of the Lebanese Muna Al-Mtbouh for her eight-year sentence to insult the Egyptian people and condemn the suspension of to extend the award.

Monitors "Gate Wafd" stations passed by me butchered during her trial ..
An appeal was filed against the Lebanese woman Mona Al-Mtbouh with the support of the former fine accused of insulting the Egyptian people.

The mother of the accused was present and an EU delegate and a lawyer from Lebanon were present to defend the suspect.

The court heard the case of Lebanese lawyer Mona Mtbouh and confirmed that her client suffers from a mental illness that causes serious anger,
Lebanese collapsed Mona Mtbouh during the defense of her appeal on appeal in court,

She cried violently in front of the court.

The lawyer also apologized for the Egyptian people and President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi for all she said: "What my client said came during her great anger" and demanded the acquittal of her client and the replacement of the fine with a fine.
The lawyer stated that she filed a complaint with the general management of technology, and the next day she canceled it after realizing that what she had done wrong pointed to her client's regret, and that she directed the video to those who only bothered, and the proof of this word & # 39; not rumored & # 39 ;.

She said that what Muna had been slaughtered was words she heard from young people, and that she did not mean a wrong word because she said she did not know.

Flash Buck of the case ..
The beginning of the incident in May last year. Lebanon published Mnmboh on sites

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The "Facebook" video on social media is a disgrace to the general public because of the murder of the Egyptian people, which led to the people's anger towards the video, and the prosecutor ordered the Lebanese "Mona Mtbouh", the owner of the video, to check and to bring.
May 31 … The security services arrested Mona al-Muttabouh, a Lebanese citizen, and the defendant was brought before the public prosecutor.

The Egyptian prosecutor accused the Egyptian and Egyptian men and women of being indecent in terms of prostitution, adultery and manslaughter, while Attorney General Nabil Ahmed Sadiq ordered the detention of four days in custody.

June 3 .. Judge renewed opposition to the Court of New Egypt, the imprisonment of Lebanese Mona Mtbouh, 15 days in the investigation, and I attended the killer for renewing her confinement in the hijab, and prevented the court from to photograph.

June 18 .. The first session of the trial against Lebanese Mni Mtbouh on charges of publishing a video that is shy of public humiliation and abuse.

June 24 .. Court of Misdemeanors of Heliopolis, the trial against Lebanese Mona Mtbouh, for the hearing of July 7 to pronounce the verdict.

July 7 … The Misdemeanor Court of Misdemeanor sentenced the Lebanese woman Mona Almzbouh to eight years in prison for publishing a video of shame and disdain of religions.

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