Every minute that passes without a government increases the burden for people

The repeated appeal of parliament Speaker Nabih Berri to "remove the country from the state of political loss, wasting the government and keeping the executive power out of work in the revival of Lebanon, politically, economically and alive, what the continuation of the country's exposure to risk at all levels increases. "
"Every minute passes without a government, which increases the costs and burdens for the people," Berri said. "He still hopes for serious positive developments that will dissolve the contract and create a government that will put an end to the paralysis that the country suffers." All levels ".
It is remarkable that Berri will address the government issue in his speech during the celebration of the Amal movement in Baalbek to commemorate the disappearance of Imam Musa al-Sadr, in terms of incitement to the completion of this merit and necessity, and not to accept to waste more time and spend useless. So he had paved the way for his confirmation at the festival of the letter scouts to reject the policy of burning time and leave the country without responsibility, nor executive power. & # 39;

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