Expansion of Zahle electricity must be "fantastic". But

By the end of 2018, the concession of Zahle Electricity Company will end. It is a privilege given to 70 years, when the city flowed through the sources of the Bardoni River, a natural resource that can be used to generate electricity. In 1920 it was translated into the birth of "Enonem Electricity Zahle" company with a capital of 69 thousand Lebanese pounds, divided over 6900 shares, which was covered by the family of Nakd, whose grandson Asaad Nakd became the face of this company after his duties were taken over 30 years ago, after the expansion of his company's franchise in the early nineties. "Zahle Electricity" is characterized by the quality of the "exceptional" services provided to the participants and the promise to realize that electricity can be supplied continuously for 24 consecutive 24-hour periods.

In the era of Asaad Nakd, Zahle's electricity succeeded in creating a media image in combination with an acceptable reality, making it difficult for the displaced to break away from it, especially because the current alternative is the Lebanese state, with its doubts and lack of confidence in his ability to provide a service of the current specifications for displaced persons. It is difficult to leave the privilege, but they are ready to stand in opposition to what they consider to be part of the privacy of a city, which is still proud to be one of the first cities came to light in Lebanon.

However, in accordance with Article 89 of the Constitution, the approval of the delegates from the Zahle area is not permitted, even if it is possible to extend it for a limited period, as MP Salim Aoun confirms. Electricity from Lebanon. If the electricity sold to the company subsidized price does not exceed £ 50 per kilowatt, while the production costs sometimes reach £ 250 per kilowatt. And between securing private interest and saving the institution for the deficit, it must choose the second state, especially because they are able to save energy for the consumer at lower costs. "Any conversation about an extension or renewal of privileges arises from a lack of knowledge or from trying to gain popularity," said Aoun.

Finally, the company discovered that by selling electricity to consumers under Shatoor, the company makes billions of lire per month at the expense of the EDL deficit. At the end of the concession, they saw a possibility for the state to recoup its profits in an electrical range that was higher than 99 percent. Therefore, the next stage is to bring Zahle into the company's standard "price" rate for kilowatts, mainly because the citizen has not benefited from the previously subsidized rates, as the respondents emphasize, but benefited private companies.

These arguments, however, do not convince the beneficiaries of the grace of electricity in Zahle. Apart from the huge profits that the company would make monthly, they are concerned about the availability of electricity, at a lower cost than they would have done by participating in generators in the neighborhood. The fact that the Ministry of Energy has insisted on its declared decision without leaving the words of Minister César Abi Khelil on providing electricity for 24 hours on a continuous basis Zahleh has no positive influence in this area, especially since he has no promises has done to explain the mechanism of implementation of this promise, and the plan that his ministry is in charge of.

Minister Abi Khalil, however, has a plan, as Aoun claims in the cities & # 39 ;, will notify the delegates of the region before public opinion to discuss and comment on them. "If we see an imbalance that might deprive the city of continuous nutrition, we will object, and we will accept no less than 24 hours of food," he said, calling for the state to give the confidence to regain, away from paid ads that have made angry people.

Aoun does not come back from the plans being distributed, the possibility to increase the amount of energy smuggled from Syria, he refused to continuously connect the electricity insurance in Zahle to provide all of Lebanon, because that is not a button push, and the Lebanese should understand that if this is achieved in Zahle, it is because it has reached a reality that can not be undone. Note, however, that the easing of regulations in Zahle will make it possible to reduce the deficit of the institution, which can gradually expand its services in all regions, in order to realize the plan that has been developed since 2010 to generate electricity. supply to the non-regulated Lebanese in general.

Aoun does not know any details about the proposals that can be made, but points to open possibilities for more than one mechanism, including the proposal by MP Michel Daher about the restoration of his energy by the company, enabling Zahle Electricity Company to use the same network to generate electricity. to secure electricity. Special generators during rationing hours, but different meters, and at a rate determined by the Ministry of Economy. If citizens carry out quick maintenance, the state can transfer the fees to the company, and then we will maintain the mechanism of continuous electricity insurance, and the company and its employees, but two accounts and two numbers allow citizens to receive the bills to their homes. to check.

Dahir said that this proposal came after he questioned the citizens about the state's ability to supply 24 hours of uninterrupted electricity, not to say that it has a personal interest in setting up special production facilities. And refers to the possibility of renewal or expansion of the electricity company Zahle and even Baajiba not.

Lt. Gene. George Akis, however, has a different opinion, away from the media hype that places the city's delegates in the arena of an electrified conflict. He says: it is true that the granting of the concession again requires a parliament under Article 89 of the Constitution, but the extension is permitted on the basis of a number of data. The first is legal and there are materials on setting up the "Electricity of Lebanon" interest when the institution has an interest, allowing it to lease the investments for a maximum period of five years. There are also realistic reasons, namely the exceptional circumstances and the continuity of the General Facility, which allow the Council of Ministers to extend such a concession for an indefinite period until a comprehensive electricity solution is guaranteed throughout Lebanon. Note that such an extension has taken place in the past.

"We do not defend the rate of As & # 39; ad Nakd or its concession, but rather the situation that the Department of Energy has accepted to create the past four years," he said. Stresses that there is a stressful hey, people are worried. Therefore, if the company intends to reclaim the concession, and the DOE has this certainty and great confidence, the plan must be ready. The delay in the development of the plan will increase the level of doubt and will put us more worried and put under pressure.

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