Fishermen in Al-Abde complain about fish with dynamite

A delegation of fishermen in the port of Abdeh visited the mayor of Bennin – Abda Kifah Kassar in a building in the municipality of Benbenin and met him in the presence of the selected Mohammed al – Bustani and Mohammed Al – Sarraj and some members of the city council, in which their refusal to fish with dynamite was announced.

Al-Kassar expressed his willingness to "serve them and to transfer their grievances to those concerned, promising to continue the problem until the problem is resolved and to suppress fishing in violation of the law in all its forms. " He warned of "the consequences of continuing illegal fishing" in the hope that officials would "respond to the application of the law in all fishing methods".

He concluded: "We are not trying to stop the livelihood, but fishing dynamite is the livelihood of the hunter and others, and we are present to work with a dynamite hunter to solve the problem in accordance with the fight against the unemployment and providing him with a life by fishing by law. "

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