Fneish: It is not in the interest of anyone to postpone the formation of the government

Minister of Youth and Sport in the interim government, Mohamed Fneish stressed the need to speed up the formation of the government, because there is great damage to the interests of the Lebanese, as well as the country has many problems and files that institutions need do their duty and duty.

Minister Fneish said during an educational ceremony in the town of Ma'indoub: when people exercised their constitutional rights and fulfilled their duty to participate in polling stations on the morning of the election day, they exercised this role because they realized that a regularity of the institutions and their duty to pay attention to the problems of people, society and the country. There are many opportunities, but we have lost them due to political differences and betting on external projects. So the problems are accumulated and we have reached a day when the waste is on the street and we are still suffering from power outage. It is surprising that our country, which is in fourth place in the world in science and mathematics and all our energies and possibilities, make use of it.

Fneish stressed that it is no longer in the country's interest to postpone the formation of the government, and that the region is living in an atmosphere that must accelerate this formation. There is a very dangerous project if the arrogant American government succeeds to liquidate the Palestinian cause. Who gambled on the negotiation approach, which led to the loss of Jerusalem and the Judaization of Palestine, and enabled the American government to use the Arab weakness to propose such projects, and more serious today that there is an American project to the existence of Palestinian refugees not to recognize and to stop the support for UNRWA, This is a danger to Palestinian law and a danger to Lebanon. It is therefore in the interest of Lebanon that regular institutions that know what is going on around them are faced with such dangers on a political level, and on the other hand, we also need Because we have overcome the latest developments towards the crisis in Syria, especially those that we have lost in recent years in economic and agricultural life and many seasons weakened and reduced the value of exports, because Syria is the only corridor for us that can be adopted as access to the Arab world and indispensable to this corridor, then we must deal with these developments through a government that bears responsibility, and keep pace with the displaced persons' population and the repercussions on the lives of the Lebanese or the livelihood of the displaced Syrian. This requires the ability to make a decision and draw a plan of special accounts and bets and listen to external dictations. A single criterion in the formation of the government without overestimating the size of political forces, and applying this standard to all parliamentary blocs to form a government of national partnership without excluding anyone, so that everyone will be responsible for the management of the country.

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