Football brings together the displaced people from the Damascus countryside in Idlib

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Football: displaced people from the Damascus countryside gathered in Idlib from the Kuwaiti news site on Sunday, August 19, 2018.

Zakaria Abdel Wahab walks behind the ball in a stadium near the Zeitoun field in northwestern Syria, on his way to the goal in hopes of scoring a goal for his city team

Zacarias is one of the tens of thousands of people who have been deported to Idlib after the regime's intensive military operations forced them to leave their territories, especially towns and villages that had a long and close siege near Damascus members From Madaya to the eastern Ghouta.

On the initiative of the One of the organizations, Zakaria, his "displaced persons" also meet to participate in a football tournament that started this month under the name "Ghouta in our hearts", with the participation of 16 teams called neighborhoods in the south of Damascus or towns and villages nearby that compete with other teams of villages and towns Idlib

"I take part in the tournament with the Madaya township for entertainment, to make friends and make friends with people who recently have been abandoned from Ghouta and Qalamoun "near Damascus.

In 2017, Zachariah left his native village of Madaya near Damascus, which for years was a symbol of the siege policy that the regime followed, formerly in buses

Today he is dressed like a gray "Madaya team" and rest after a tiring football match with the Violet team of a local aid organization in Idlib.

Zakaria laughs When he talks about the game, he says: "We lost almost 14 goals in exchange for three."

But the loss does not seem to matter much to him. He participates in the tournament for other reasons, including "getting to know the people of Idlib".
Who was satisfied with his friends in Madaya playing football in the courtyard of a school, "we were stuck in the siege of death", adding to


Zacarias fights today in the ranks of a of the opposition fractions in exchange for a salary of between $ 50 and $ 60.

The tournament continues until January 25, The goal of the organization is to develop & # 39; love, affection and life & # 39; teams from the eastern Ghouta and his neighbors to gather with Idlib and his villages.

In addition to the small soccer field, Mohammed Nasser (29) prepares himself for playing The West Kalamoon team, the area from which they originated in the Damascus neighborhood.

The young man who was a pre-war coach seeks a sport
"It is true that our people in Idlib did not fall short of us, but people need a sense of belonging," he says.

The life of Mohammed was not easy During the war years, four years ago he fled from his native Nabek in West Kalamoun to become a refugee in the city of Arsal in East Lebanon, before leaving last year and leaving Idlib.

Muhammad sees championships in this way as a "message to the regime that we live in Prague" Everything from bombing, killing and destruction … The purpose of this tournament is to know how to live our lives and how we can look forward to. "

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