Geagea: Reforming Lebanon requires political decision

Lebanese Armed Forces. Samir Geagea said that the reform of the situation in Lebanon requires a political decision, a clear and sincere intention to work for the public interest and not for private interests. This reform is not hopeless,

He pointed out that the government will eventually be formed despite all the difficulties and obstacles,
Geagea said in a statement on Sunday that some political forces are working to block the formation of the government, because once it is made, bold decisions must be made for radical reforms to move the country from the current situation to a better situation.
He pointed out that the economic conditions despite

But they can be overcome and reformed "with a little political will and integrity," he said, adding that a series of steps could be taken in a few months and that Lebanon should be one of the most comfortable countries in a few years' time. .
He explained that at the forefront of the files to be dealt with immediately after the formation of the new government, the solution of the electricity crisis, which would generate nearly two billion dollars for the state treasury, would be equal to half of the budget deficit.


Particularly because donor countries and participation in the conference to support Lebanon's economy and infrastructure (Cedar) include electricity as a first item in the reforms that the state has to do.
He pointed out that the second issue is tax evasion, and stresses that this must be tackled immediately, which will save about an extra billion dollars a year to the State Treasury of the Lebanese state, in addition to the reform of pension systems, customs and smuggling of human beings.
The head of the Lebanese armed forces said that solving the problems of electricity and tax evasion would produce an immediate result within six months of being properly implemented and would help Lebanon to help out the difficult situation it is living in. The deficit is then reduced.

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