Grizzati to Fanya: your opponents are not fools, but know where government money is wasting the facts

The Minister of Justice in the interim government, Salim Griissati, pointed out that "the investigation into the issue of holidays at the Beirut international airport has not ended as soon as I have not been informed about him, in what would still be a secret. should be "wondering how the Minister of Working General and Transport in the Caretaker Government, Joseph Fenianos on the report? ".

"According to Fanyanos, the results are not convincing and unclear Based on the result of the report of an" unintended technical failure ", SITA was acquitted, accused by Fadi al-Hassan, head of the responsibility for the holiday, that" if I find that there a dilution of responsibilities is, I will ask to expand the investigation after following the course of the audience, and I will wait if there is a claim from the Prosecution or not. "

"I only accept the closure of the file if the responsibilities are clearly defined and I know the reason for the failure, and I have enough data to request an extension of the investigation," he said, wondering why the research was a certain moment should stop. "No, your opponents are not fools, they know where public money is wasting the facts."

In response to Fanyanos' allegations of interference, Jarzati noted that "I do not know anyone in the company" SITA "and everything I knew from a big reference that the company deals with 70 airports in the world, and I did not communicate with any head of security equipment, nor with the presidency of the airport and the Civil Aviation Directorate "remarked that" I asked the Public Prosecution Service to move the public prosecutor's office, and the judge is the so-called bailiff. "

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