Hamadeh: The greed of the government can take place this week and we will not allow Aoun to put his hand on the Druze quota

The minister of education and higher education in the interim government, Marwan Hamadeh, pointed out that "in this bazaar in the form of Turkish bazaars, between bag, chair, chair and another, it seems like the" gap "this week can take place as the "Free Patriotic Movement" That is in fact the main hub in the face of the formation of the government, its ambition to deprive the Druze and one of the Christian parties the last part of their share, "noting that" is looking to remove the share of the "Lebanese armed forces party", to return to the same thing happened when he had eight deputies for the parliamentary elections I do not know if the head of the Lebanese armed forces, encouraged to accept it or not . "

He emphasized in a radio interview that "the search for the third Druze chair takes place exclusively between the head of the" Progressive Socialist Party "Walid Jumblatt and Speaker Nabih Berri," that notes "Jumblatt in Paris today, and when the image of the government gives His last answer, and for that we do not give up the three Drozige seats, "emphasizing that" the President of the Republic has nothing to do with the Druze quota, not close or far away, we will not allow he maintains the Druze quota in the government. "

On the other hand, Hamada went to the retired professors by saying that "entering people with the owners does not mean they reduce or cancel their hours", and stressed that "I will work hard today to make sure everyone those hours of retired people will not be deprived of them. "

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