Hariri & # 39; s point on the Aoun line

Rajih al-Khouri wrote in Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper:

The conflict with the declarations does not constitute a government, but it deepened the obstacles that have prevented the formation of the new Lebanese government so far, despite the fact that three months have elapsed since the appointment of President Saad Hariri to a majority of 112 deputies.

So, when President Michel Aoun says, "It seems that the president-in-chief has listened to the demands, and he must take the initiative and compose and we are waiting for him." He is someone who has already set the time limit for forming the government. First, Hariri wants to form the right government for the stage. He has stated from the outset that it will be a national unity government capable of safeguarding the delicate phasing obligations, especially with regard to the management of the program. Saving investments That was approved at the Cedar conference in Paris: "If sectarian pluralism in Lebanon causes many problems in forming governments," it is really enough for Hariri to keep the titular buttons he tries to overcome without washing the dishes. to do? , And in accordance with the rules of the establishment of a national consensus government?

Secondly, and most importantly, it is well known that the failure comes not from Hariri, but from those who fail to reason and adhere to their quota in the ministerial formation, and want to eat their cake and bite from the cake of others .. Some of them put their conditions on the table of Koraytem, ​​A government so far, instead of making the known ministerial bakers responsible for the delay, the growing attempts to give the president the leadership of this responsibility, what he of course yesterday mentioned to indicate the discovery of the detainees and their impossible circumstances!

In the meantime, President Nabih Berri was clear in his claim that he was enthusiastic and Aoun's sharpness to reach a government as soon as possible, but this ultimately does not take away what is said about the jurisprudence of the constitution, it's all about the so-called "deadline for forming the government" And in the light of the decade and the demands: "Everyone is in a state of imprisonment awaiting the release of the appointed president." But reality is exactly the opposite, because it is the president who regulates the conditions of the people and the practical need for the government to accept their natural quotas in the formation of the government.

In the end, Hariri remains firm and steadfast when he says he knows very well what the Constitution says about the formation of the government and the powers of the nominee president and a point on the line. This seemed like a natural reaction to Aoun in the light of attempts to hold him responsible for the delay, his apology for the formation, this is absolutely not going to happen.

In this connection it was published on the eve of the return of Hariri to Beirut from the holiday of Eid al-Adha, a study of the Minister of Justice Salim Gryasati, who is close to Aoun, who deals with the subject & # 39 the deadline for forming the government & # 39 ;. An attempt to end the formation of the government.

The study was of the opinion that the solution to this problem is only by paying attention to the role of the President of the Republic, as long as the signing of the government formation decree is ultimately his, and the apology about commissioning !

This is why the study is a & # 39; roadmap & # 39; for the President of the Republic, such as Aoun who summons Hariri to reveal that the highest interest no longer tolerates the delay in writing and then gives him the necessary guidance to accomplish the task.

Of course there is nothing in the Lebanese constitution about this roadmap of the president, but Article 10 of Article 53 of the Constitution gives the president the right to send a letter to the House of Representatives, who has the right to gather the message. call and discuss and make the right decision. A time Hariri does not need, but to encourage the detainees to facilitate his national reconciliation mission, to abandon the excessive and arrogant demands!

In the light of the conversation about the "roadmap of the president", parliament member Bilal Abdullah, member of the parliamentary bloc Jumblatt, described the situation as not good and that there are people who have come back to dreams. There are people who try to revive what they have learned after Taif. And not looking forward to the future … «For this we say that we will not force ourselves to withdraw from our positions and our constants and relationships and obligations, we were and will continue to support the Taif, and we will support the president-appointed Saad. Hariri continue to support, no matter how you tried to swear together »!

Of course this is a clear answer to all attempts to circumvent the Taef agreement, which has become the constitution of the country, and the powers of the proposed prime minister, who fully knows his responsibilities and knows that the national interest is the formation of a national unity government. A workshop on economic progress and a program with projects that meet Lebanon's commitments to the countries that met during the Paris Conference and promised support and investment in projects worth $ 18 billion!

In the end, as digging continues under the feet of Hariri, he will place points on the characters, explain who is hindering and who facilitates, and who is trying to jump over the constitution, and it is no longer a secret that the nominated president seize the government formula in a fair, balanced and honest manner. To deal with the complexities and complications of those who have reached the point of interfering in their responsibilities by their conditions as if they were in charge of forming the next government !

The formula is ready: a government of thirty ministers according to the division «6 – 4 – 3 – 1 – 6 – 10», which means that Hariri gets six portfolios, and the Lebanese armed forces get four bags, and the Progressive three bags, De Free Patriotic Movement and President Aoun have ten portfolios, this formula provides the necessary balance, they all depend on the executive power, they reflect the election results and are converted in the necessary way without a third party gaining control of the third government. .

Hariri does not need letters to urge the formation, not the president of the republic or the house of deputies, but humbleness Almstozrin must be angry, which prevents the acceptance of "free patriotic movement" and President Aoun, for example ten ministers instead of 11?

There is no room here to talk about the ridiculous battles about the sovereign portfolios, and every ministry in Lebanon is sovereign, the first being the Ministry of Environment, after the country became the "garbage can of the Mediterranean", as the Europeans say , the second is the Ministry of anti-corruption, Lebanon is the cave of Ali Baba. The people of the cave, while the battle is going on about defense, foreign affairs, domestic and financial … and the most beautiful and generous!

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