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A source in the International Tribunal for Lebanon to try to deny those accused of the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, Al Hayat that the first (September), intended to issue a verdict in the case or to issue a claim around it.

One of the lawyers for the victims of the crime confirmed this denial to Al-Hayat and stressed that all next week's hearings in Laesendeem on the outskirts of The Hague are focused on the pleadings based on the final memoranda presented by the three courts – the prosecutor, the defense agents, Affected.

Human rights sources to the court were surprised by the ambiguity the Lebanese media had joined, which encouraged the expectation that the court would make a ruling in September. It also surprised the interpretations that linked the difficulties associated with the formation of the government in the vicinity of the ruling's ruling next month, while the court hearings were not devoted to it.

A spokeswoman for the court found Ramadan to "live" that "not true to all these expectations. The first-class room meets in September for a final discussion of the evidence presented in the case since the start of the trial in 2014. "She explained that the chamber had requested the prosecution, the defenders and the agents involved to submit final summaries to submit the results of the tests prepared in preparation for the final proceedings on the content of each of them in the September sessions

Ramadan said that the procedure lasted 15 days during which each of the courts strengthened its position for the Judges of the Senate At the end of the 15 days, the President of the Chamber, Judge David Ray, is expected to announce the end of the pilot phase to go to the investigation stage by the judges of the Chamber, who are in secret form between the five judges is

A court told al-Hayat that consultation would take months because the judges have the 400 page & # 39; s evidence and evidence of the victims, the memorandum of defense of the suspect and the content of the discussions would be reviewed. Where the Public Prosecution Service will try to support the evidence provided by him, while the defense attorneys will try to question the suspects, plus the demands that will be made by the agents of the parties involved, and this takes time before the judges make their judgments, where an appeal can be made

At a time when the court did not announce the date of the last hearing, Lebanese human rights sources told Al-Hayat that it is likely to start on 10 September.

Source: Al-Hayat newspaper

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