Hariri met the Mufti ropes and Qaimakam Jafal

MP Bahia Hariri received in Magdalen Samaha the Great Mufti of Tire and her region Sheikh Madrar Al-Habal, where she discussed with him the general terms and conditions of the region, which Hariri also presented with the presenter of the photo 's. from Mr. Mohammed Jafal.

Hariri met with a delegation from the Union of General Directors in Sidon, which presented its affairs regarding the organization of the work of the sector in the city, in the presence of the President of the Federation of Trade Unions and Users in South Lebanon, the Mr. Abdellatif Triaqi.

Hariri also received a delegation of tanning workers in Sidon, who discussed the future of this sector with her in the light of the project in question.

Mr. Hariri met the President of the Club of Leba (Jezzine District), Mr Emad Assi, at the head of a delegation on the new activities and projects of the club.

Hariri also met Mukhtar al-Baramiya, Mr. Shawki Habib, and received families and citizens from some neighborhoods of Saida and the neighborhood.

(Raafat Naim-Saida)

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