Hariri: There are government formulas based on a "future" answer to Nasrallah: "Do not play with justice"

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14 minutes on August 28, 2018
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27 August 2018 / 22:50

Regarding the crisis of the formation of the Lebanese government, there is no solution to the contract and the demands of political forces. The government's authorization in September is open, pending the position that President Michel Aoun will take on the process of authorship.

At a time when he entered the political scene in a week that could chart the trends of the governmental road, the nominee Saad Hariri resumed his governmental consultation. Minister of Information Melhem Al-Riyashi met this night.

Meanwhile, head of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, and his son, the chairman of the Democratic Gathering MP Taymor Jumblatt, also met the parliament president Nabih Berri.

Sources of the future Movement commented on the words of Hezbollah, Secretary General Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, "Do not play with fire", and say it was not successful because it brought the Lebanese back to the atmosphere of the seventh of May.

The sources added to the "LBC": "Stadium Future Movement is the court and the law and not the court of civil war and this stream has only three words of words addressed to Sayyed Nasrallah and" do not play with justice ".

Regarding the formation of the government, the sources indicated that Hariri is concerned about the positions he hears directly from President Michel Aoun, and that there are formulas on which the government must build and not seek new formulas. "There will be no apology or a majority and the government of Hariri, insists that a national unity government be formed, whose criterion is the participation of all fundamental forces in the Lower House".

The International Court of Justice attended Nasrallah's speech and sent a warning to the participants by saying: "Do not play with fire", but added "to demand the formation of the government". "We do not want anyone to put new obstacles to the government and talk about the relationship with Syria and the ministerial statement, let's postpone it until after the formation," he said. "The time is decreasing.

Lebanese sources concerned about the International Tribunal were surprised by Nasrallah's remarks, which he said would be issued in September, denying that a verdict would be pronounced. "The only thing that will happen is that the court will hold closing sessions in which the three parties will present their final arguments about the evidence and evidence adopted during the trial period, and questioning these evidences by the defense, and that judgment shall be pronounced after the first chamber deliberates months, September, to be issued at the end of these deliberations, the sentence and penalties if it were the penalties ».

"It is haraam for some to continue to hamper the formation of the government, the interests of the country and the people, merely to restrict the Lebanese armed forces," said Samir Geagea, head of the Lebanese armed forces, via Twitter.

«No solution except by Basil»

"The situation is still the same, especially with regard to the share of the democratic meeting and the Lebanese armed forces," said Minister Marwan Hamadeh. "The issue depends on the recognition of Minister Gebran Bassil that the quota is not part of a presidential battle, but the issue of forming a balanced government in Lebanon does not cut Relations with each party".

He closed every "development on September 1st" and considered "it is only a date on a long road and it is only possible to have a meeting between the President and the President in charge of re-examining standards and the allocation of quotas & bags ", calling for" no more problems to block "Such as standardization with Syria and the international tribunal. "

Minister Mohamed Fneish stressed that "it is no longer acceptable to continue the debate and waste time forming the government, because we do not have this luxury, and our country has many problems, and therefore the continuation of the argument and spending time and unsuccessful in formation, means that we are not at the level of hope of people who have done their duty by participating in the parliamentary elections, and has chosen who represents them ».

"We can form the government through an internal dialogue and find solutions to the problems that the country suffers." This is the task of the President-designate, some of them not to overstate their size and return to the adoption of one criterion, to approve the results of the parliamentary elections, and this removes many obstacles ». He pointed out that "we will be present in the internal comparison with our potential to influence the management of this country, and lead to stopping waste, reducing corruption, and addressing the economic and financial problems of the country." country ».

«Formation of the government is not linked to the decision of the Court»

He pointed out that there is no indication that the reason for the postponement is the international tribunal, since "the two issues are not intertwined." The International Tribunal was established a few years ago and formed several governments at the moment. "He pointed out that" government representation is linked to the results of the parliamentary elections, Decisions at this important level ".

"The covenant, which is our covenant and which we are enthusiastic about, must be based on cooperation with the armed forces and on its seriousness, transparency and impartiality in order to save the situation and make it a success," said MP Majid Edi Abi. Lamaa. Government.

He added: "We are not proponents of quotas and power, but we advocate partnership to stop the pitfall of corruption, we are the only ones able to do so and without this cooperation there is a danger Lebanon".

A member of the "Strong Lebanon" bloc MP Asaad Dergham told the "central" that "some external parties have obstacles in the way of authorization implemented by Lebanese instruments, namely the Lebanese Armed Forces and the Socialist Party, and this is unfortunate after we have the common denominators with the forces have reached, Samir Geagea brings things back to zero, which leads us to say that Geagea brings us back to the choices made in the Taif phase. "He pointed out that" there are various ministries of services, including work, agriculture and health, it is possible to agree with two of these ministries in exchange for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, if this offer is offered to us ".

Peace withdraws from appeal

On the other hand, the head of the Beirut House List, Salah Salam, announced his retreat for the challenge he presented in the results of the parliamentary elections in the second district of Beirut before the Constitutional Council, "given the emerging political developments and the accompanying campaigns aimed at undermining the prime minister's position and the power of the president.

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