He placed films and photos of his wife and boyfriend almost naked, that's what he did

The shocked man carried a series of photographs and films against modesty and came to the Prosecutor General in Mount Lebanon to file a complaint against his wife and friend who accused them of committing adultery. The investigation began to establish the truth of the case and ended with the issuance of a decision that I think these facts:

The plaintiff filed a complaint against his wife MA (born in 1993) in addition to JH (born in 1995), focusing photos & # 39; s and movies he received from his wife's phone.

In these photographs and films, the defendants appear half-naked and intimate, and in some of them appeared the daughter of the prosecutor and the accused, who is no longer than three years old, so that the wife's wife kisses her and her mother kiss in her mouth. The defendants denied having sex in the marital home.

The investigating magistrate in Mount Lebanon, Nadeem Al-Nashif, considered the reasons for his indictment that the suspects had been guilty of dishonesty and modesty, and for the kissing of the girl who was not placed in the video, the place of the pillow specifically not regarded as a scandalous act for which the punishment must be ratified, Does not constitute an indecent act for the underage girl because these acts did not directly take place on her nakedness (the & # 39; awrah are body parts that everyone wants to protect and prevent in the eyes of the people), since the accused undertook to commit the offense of adultery (Article 487 sanctions, Enforcement for two years) were tried before the single criminal judge in Jbeil and agreed to release the suspect "JH" because of the fact and duration of the detention.

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