I leave Zahle electricity and I have opened up solutions to regional crises

Former Minister Eli Maroni, in a statement through social networking sites, responded to the Minister of Energy and Water in the Caretaker government, Cesar Abi Khalil, who said: "Enough is heresy, even if you care about areas that live in electric darkness, Zahle, for you and you with a thousand good things. & # 39;

He pointed out that "the presence of a substitute of your movement in Zahle does not allow you to cancel the opinions of others", with the question: "Do you think others, there is no one in Zahle, do you want the darkness again?

He added: "We want you to leave Zahle electricity, as a solution for Zahleh, chosen by the Zahlion and proud of, and looking for solutions to the crises of the regions, which lacked an electric current, and in return, welcome you to Zahle dear guest, but did you feel the importance of your reading in the light of electricity?

Thank you for reading the story of Marouni to Abi Khalil: I let Zahle and Abahat provide electricity for solutions to the crisis in the Gulf 365 region and inform you that the content of the topic is written by the bulletin ( Lebanon) and possibly completely transferred or quoted. You can read and follow the news from this source via the main source of the following link (Lebanon) We are not responsible for the content of this news and the best wishes for Happy Day.

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