I will work to keep political action away from the trade union body

The candidate of the Future Movement called on the head of the Bar Association in the north, Mohamed Al-Murad, to "take on the role of trade union and lawyer to contribute to the preservation of this old institution".

"If I won in this democratic union, I would emphasize the removal of political action by the trade union body, the establishment of politics to serve the union, and the minimal rights of fellow lawyers," Murad said during a support interview. in restaurant Gracias in Akkar.

"If I take up the position of captain, I will freeze my political work and I will not accept an agency from the north with regard to location and impartiality."

He added: "The Order needs men who work, who gives and proposes that solutions are needed, we need a real presence of the trade union in all international forums, to keep the legislation and to keep the oppressed.

He added that he would strive to "implement them in case to win the trust of colleagues & lawyers to improve their professional status and the status of the union." These include: "True presence of the trade union in the Arab and international forums and the arbitration committees, amendment of the law of the legal profession, securing financial resources and income for the pension fund, organization of the administration and work of the lack of equity compatible between lawyers and judges, Work on the land investment of the Order to generate income and contribute to the creation of jobs for lawyers. "

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