If you withdraw to a de facto government, this will lead to a deterioration of the country

Arabic window A member of the future Bloc parliamentarian Assem Araji stressed that prime minister Saad Hariri is working as soon as possible on the formation of the government, pointing out that Hariri makes several attempts to present a government formula, but that he is an obstacle encountered.

In an interview with the Voice of Lebanon-Al-Dabiya, Araji said that everyone is aware of the level of the economic situation and the fear of collapse, and calls on everyone to renounce and contribute to facilitating the formation .

Araji stressed that Hariri could only form a national unity government. The refuge to a de facto government could lead to a crisis in the country and serious problems. He said Hariri had constant contact with President Michel Aoun.

In response to a question about the position of the parliamentary bloc "Future" of the opportunity to invite President Nabih Berri to a legislative session, Araji pointed out that the subject would be discussed in case the bloc would take a position.

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