In Lebanon, yes for holidaymakers … not for tourists! battalions

In Lebanon there is no clear classification of tourist cities. The only decree in this context is more than sixty years old, and he speaks about "summer cities", with the exception of the coastal cities!

To receive a city, to be photo ?? s, 50 thousand visitors at the end of a week, and to be the cleanest beach of Lebanon, and to contain Roman ruins … All this does not allow it " tourist city ", making them benefit from the privileges that the state should offer to attract tourists! In fact, this is the case for many Lebanese cities, not just for Tire.

"There are no so-called tourist cities in the official Lebanese decrees," says the Minister of State for Administrative Development MP from the area of ​​Tire Ezzat Eddin. The closest to this concept is Decree Nr. 12609 of 28 June 1956, which spoke of the "cities of summer", and therefore the center of the spectator of every town or village is specific circumstances, such as the height of 500 meters of the sea, and the hotel contains specific circumstances, and houses Accommodation for vacationers, telephone line and paved roads … etc. But the decree did not mention tourist cities, especially those on the coast.

Ezzeddin explained that the summer decision gave "concessions to these areas, including increasing the electric charge and giving priority to infrastructure projects, roads, investment projects and development." And this explains the interest of the state for decades in specific areas, in exchange for neglect of other areas »" To get recognition of the state of the city's tourism potential to reserve a place in development projects approved by the state, "says Ezzeddin, she is looking, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, to change the current decree in cities and tourist cities, and emphasizes that the concepts of guide for tourism and tourism must be revised, because the sector is no longer in the traditional form. "We have today in Lebanon to organize recreational, religious, environmental and other investments and benefited from the development of our economy ».

Band has been a neglected and unknown city for many years for the rest of the Lebanese people, before they have been discovered in the past few years & # 39 ;. And "although the official name does not exist, but the images of the excellence of the tourist city and thousands of tourists, especially in the summer," confirms the mayor of Tire, engineer Hassan Dabouk. For example, at the end of the week, the city received more than 50 thousand tourists who accompanied Eid al-Fitr last June, depending on the number of vehicles that meant public parking spaces. And got the position of the tents alone, the day, more than 10 thousand cars ». "It is not an industrial or commercial city, it has a beautiful beach and unique historical monuments that have transformed the city into a tourist destination in recent years.This boom has positively influenced the surrounding areas.Hotels, resorts and restaurants are located, of which there are many along the image line of Naqoura in the south. "

"The city has all the elements of a tourist city," explains Ahmed Faraj, president of the Environmental Protection Society. "We have an ecological reserve of about two kilometers In spite of all the talk about the pollution of the sea, Tire has remained one of the cleanest beaches in Lebanon for sea tourism and swimming, and the city also stands out for its historic monuments. in the list of historic cities that are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The photographers look proudly at the transformation of their city, but do not hide their fear of losing their privacy. "It's nice, but I'm afraid the increase in the number of tourists will increase parking and build, and thus more stone at the expense of people," says Hussein Mezerani. Not to mention the fear of a lot of traffic congestion and "tourist prices". This is what dabuk reduces, pointing out that "tourism has no influence on the prices of raw materials, medicines and education, and therefore will not adversely affect the residents. It opens the door to the presence of restaurants, cafés and tourist markets with varying and varied prices, increasing job opportunities and activating the commercial movement in the city. As in all cities in the world, rents and hotel reservations vary per season, and this is normal, depending on supply and demand. "

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