Installation of meters will be implemented and owners of generators .. Non-installation of meters

Minister of Economy Raed Khoury said that the decision to install the generators for private generators, which have become effective today, will be implemented. "His ministry will check the installation of these meters and deal with the violations by imposing sanctions on generators who did not comply with the decision, and the seizure of producers in favor of the municipality, if the delivery of citizens to the public service is stopped.

He added: "There is no argument for the owners of the generators in non-compliance with the decision to install meters, mainly because we reconsider the pricing in the form gives the right to the owners of generators on the one hand and offers citizens from 30 to 60 percent of the previous rate on the other, which will transfer hundreds of millions of dollars from Bags with generators for the pockets of citizens. & # 39;

At the time of the Ministry of Economic Affairs organized 60-minute arrest against the owners of generators do not adhere to the installation of meters in different regions of Lebanon, the meeting of owners of private generators that "we do not make the decision to meters install and we will have a position throughout Lebanon if the continuation of the control records continues ".

According to the information, "the electricity meter will start as of today, after the owners of generators have installed meters, but the condition to increase the price of kilos from 340 pounds to 410 pounds, according to the agreement, which is two. days ago was at the Department of Energy, The owners of generators extort, at the expense of the pocket of the citizen, who will not be afraid of the meter, because what the owner has supplied him will pull by the price of kilowatts 70 pounds in raise once, and the citizen justifies this difference, Generator owners

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