Is this the way out of the government crisis? battalions

The main station waiting for the Lebanese is the end of the period that President Michel Aoun took to form the government in early September, after which he will move according to his powers.

In this context, media sources approach the Shiite couple in contact with the & # 39; Qabas & # 39; Kuwait that Aoun can not keep the status of spectators in his time, which will erode if the formation of more and more longer, especially since he has already announced that the government after the election The Parliament is the first government of the Covenant.

The sources state that in practice the President of the Republic or someone else has not been given the authority to withdraw the mandate, but the President of the Republic has the possibility to speed up the submission of the ministerial formation.Therefore, one of the the exits are presented by the formation and go to the House of Representatives The battle for the ministerial declaration and the subsequent trust.

Here the constitution is clear in terms of time limits, since the government will take its ministerial declaration within one month, or the trust will be blocked or granted in a plenary session of the House of Representatives.

These sources confirm that Hariri has not yet submitted a draft ministerial reshuffle, and the only thing that has been achieved is to divide the number of ministers over political parties without dropping pockets or names.

The sources said the message from President Aoun is the message to Prime Minister Hariri, who is bound by the alliance and political agreement, as well as a credit account during the crisis of his resignation from Riyadh in November last year.

These sources conclude by saying that if there is no external dimension that prevents Hariri from forming the government, September will be a party to the government, especially as leader Samir Geagea of ​​the Lebanese armed forces has also urged Hariri to present the formation which he deems appropriate.

Source: Al-Qabas

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