It is necessary to speed up and get out of the impasse of the government because the economic situation can not bear

Prime Minister Nabih Berri met the head of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, and his son, the leader of the Democratic meeting of Mr. Taymor Jumblatt and former Minister Ghazi Aridi, in the presence of the Minister of Finance in the interim government Ali Hassan Khalil. .

After the meeting, Jumblatt said: "The President of the Republic has explained in detail the visit of the Progressive Socialist Party to Moscow, where Timor went with Wael and Halim Abu Fakhruddin, the mission announced yesterday in honor of gratitude Somewhere in Russia, Russia today has a large role in the region. "

"As we have heard and understood, as we have heard, it is necessary to speed up and get out of the impasse of the government because the economic and monetary situation is not permissible." Minister Ali Hassan Khalil gave us frightening clues. Decisions to get the country out of this impasse, and this is the purpose of the visit today, and as usual we have deduced it for President Berri. & # 39;


Question: How can it facilitate the formation of the government as long as the Druze gang remains?
"We won the election, and this is the fact that we won these elections unless you want to hold new elections, and if we win again, we will win the election," Jumblatt said. The gang is back and when we lose two hearts to their hearts. "

Question: How can a breach of the crisis take place?
He said: "There must be urgent penetration, there are things that are not logical: for example, the Lebanese forces had 8 MPs and now they have 16 delegates, and when they were eight they represented four ministers, and today, when they became sixteen delegates, four ministers were also offered., There is something unreasonable or incomprehensible, constitutional and legal, that is the request of the presidency of the government, and this does not exist. The prime minister has the right to chair a minister for every opportunity, but the Prime Minister's office is not on the base, Lebanese demands, of course, in the context of a government of national unity. "

He was told: as if you were balling in the direction of the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun and the Free Patriotic Movement & # 39; threw and indirectly said that they bear responsibility.
MP Hariri: "We all have the responsibility, so that we do not enter into discussions through Twitter, Facebook and others.

He was told that Hezbollah's secretary-general, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, said that the government's node was not about things, but about waiting for the International Tribunal, and he also said they would not play with fire.
"The International Tribunal has been formed, and it exists, and the Lebanese government since it was formed by the tribunal, and the International Court of Justice, if I am not mistaken because I went there two or three years ago, condemned people, and the history can not stand with these people today Economic and monetary is similar to the court's interest, let us leave the court to do its job. "

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