Lack of alternative … the core of the government crisis

There is no substitute for Saad Hariri to lead the government. This is what both supporters and opponents say, and this is the biggest weakness that paralyzed President Michel Aoun and his political team, such as Hezbollah, in dealing with the current government crisis. Despite all that is said about many Sunni figures who are able to take over the task, in the attempt to raise the ceiling and increase the pressure on Hariri to complete his mission quickly, serious search for such figures leads the researcher to a dead end, just like the successor to the Speaker Nabih Berri. Even the solution to Hariri's place in recent years, whether through his mandate or his weakness, proved this comparison and its foundations, with the approval of his opponents. The figures that can be regarded as Sunni mediators as former Prime Minister Najib Miqati are acceptable to Hezbollah and its ally, the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM), based on recent experiences with him. Neither the 8 March figures are able to carry the burden of the stage or are ready to run. So & # 39; n challenge.

In recent days, the search for options and scenarios that could break the deadly rhetoric of the government was active, especially after the availability of data for Hezbollah-led Hezbollah that there is an internationally supported regional decision not to form a government before the fate of Idlib has been clarified. The talk of the famous decree signed by half plus one of the deputies to the president of the republic to withdraw the mandate of Hariri and the formation of a majority government, but those who initially stayed with him retained his position, especially Speaker Nabih Berri. Even Hezbollah seemed unprepared to express his concern about the Sunni-Shiite struggle to avoid it in the darkest conditions.

After Eid al-Adha we will hear many positions and statements that may not emphasize the need to stick to the national unity government, although the owners of these positions and the necessary plans to take a new path. They will change their language in the first phase and will exert more pressure in later stages, despite the lack of papers in their hands. A source close to the Shiite duo & # 39; that & # 39; from the company that there is no alternative to Hariri is exaggerated & # 39; MP Abdul Rahim Murad, one of the figures suitable for the stage, because we have good relations with all parties both in the Inner or even in the Arab and regional countries. "

"The openness of the Arab world, and also that of the Western world, to Lebanon is done through the gate of Hariri itself," he said, referring to the source of the future movement. He added: "The proposed Prime Minister is today guaranteed to protect Lebanon against financial and economic collapse." Is it guaranteed in case of withdrawal of the mandate or excuses for not applying the Turkish scenario in Lebanon? (A reference to the collapse of the Turkish lira after the escalation of the dispute between Ankara and Washington). The source concluded: "The other team is often called humility, it can not spend its field achievements in politics, and it is fully aware of it before someone else is there."

In short, the government crisis seems open and long after the interregional contract overlaps with that region, opening the door to shocks in different areas.

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