Latest news – International stars and Arabs announce their support for homosexuality

In recent years, the phenomenon of homosexuality in the world has been widespread, meaning that the individual feels emotionally and sexually attracted to people of the same sex in the sense of a man with a man or woman with a woman. This problem has spread in the western world

Homosexuality is well known, both in the western world and in the Arab and the most prominent supporters of this phenomenon we find stars and celebrities.
One of the most prominent Arab artists is the Lebanese singer Carole Samaha, who has declared her complete solidarity with the homosexuals, as well as the artist Maya Diab, who previously sang in a special place for these people and later confirmed that she is a singer who is everyone sings.

Foreign celebrities who have expressed their candid attitude towards homosexuality are Beyonce, Katy Perry, Celine Dion, Adele and Lady Gaga, who have repeatedly carried homeopathy at concerts and concerts that have given them new life.

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