Latest versions of the formation of battalions

Al-Lewaa pointed out that what leaked out of the formation indicates that the numerical division Hariri prepared for the government is based on the advancement of the three Druza ministers, rejected by President Aoun and the free movement, and insists to the appointment of MP Talal Arslan and five Sunni Ministers and a Christian of the Future Movement, Aoun, and here the problem arises of the representation of independent Sunni representatives and it became a serious problem to add to the formation of the formation.

In the Christian representation, four ministers of the Lebanese armed forces, nine ministers of the free movement, the president of the republic and one of the "apostates".

If the free movement insists on a share with President Aoun of 10 ministers, the & # 39; Marada & # 39; or the falangist party does not have a Christian portfolio, and this still hinders the formation.

But sources do not expect the composition to appear before the second half of September, with the emphasis on reducing differences.

The sources said that the bags can be divided as follows:

1. President of the Republic: Deputy Prime Minister, Defense, Information.

Future movement: premier, interior, communication and culture.

3- The strong block of Lebanon: foreign affairs, energy, economy, tourism, youth and sport.

4 Block Development and Liberalization: finance and social affairs.

5 – Loyalty block of the resistance: public health, agriculture and industry.

6. Power system: public works, justice, environment.

7. The Democratic Gathering: Labor and the Displaced.

8 – Bag for the mass of the apostate ..

Source: Major General

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