Leave a terrorist plot to target army and church barriers

Lebanon: abandon terrorist plot to target army and church barriers

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Beirut agencies:
The Lebanese security forces reproached a terrorist plot by a Lebanese man for Daash, which was focused on elements and barriers of the Lebanese army in Northern Lebanon and aimed at a church with a suicide attack. A statement from the General Directorate of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces said that "in the context of preventive and preventive security operations carried out by the Information Department of the Internal Security Forces, to monitor the activities of terrorist cells, the intensive follow-up has of a Lebanese person who belongs to "Daqash", had contact with people in Syria belonging to the organization mentioned In an interview with the detainee the detainee was asked not to go to Syria and to work for a sympathetic organization in Lebanon but he told him that the work would be to carry out terrorist operations against the Lebanese army and elements in the north and that he would receive a weapon of war and an explosive belt, his work, from Syria to Wadi Khaled. also, according to the statement, to address a church in the process of Ingmasmia, if he k on.
Politically speaking, Lebanese President Michel Aoun said: "We are experiencing difficulties in forming a government, but it is fleeting." Aoun has appointed Prime Minister Hariri as new government on May 24 after being named by 111 deputies in parliamentary talks.The three months have passed since the formation of a new government despite the urging of all Lebanese political forces to form the government to speed up. On the other hand, Aoun stressed that Lebanon can not choose a party in a conflict against each sister country against the interests of another sister country, and that distance & # 39; it does not mean that we distance ourselves from our country and our interests that do not harm any of the Arab countries. Aoun asked in a statement from the Lebanese Presidency: "Will it be affected if the displaced people return to Syria? Is there damage if our Lebanese products cross the Nisib crossing?" "We keep our interests and work on them to reach without harming anyone, "he said. President Aoun stressed that "Lebanon has gone through global, regional and Arab crises, which have affected the world negatively," adding that "the security situation is stable and the tourism movement is active and we are not a bankrupt state". "We have all had tough days in the Middle East, some still suffer, others have got lost, and we in Lebanon have suffered for a long time, but we have managed to put terrorism at the top of defeat the eastern chain. "We have adopted a new law regarding the election on which it is based, and it allows representation of everyone, which has imposed diversity within the parliament," he said.


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Source: Al Watan (Oman)

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