"Lebanese food bank" in Fakra: Awareness of the importance of donating food surpluses instead of throwing them – "Nahar"

The Lebanese Food Bank (LFB) held a week-long pavilion in the Fakra Club to raise awareness about the objectives of fighting food waste in Lebanon and selling rural food products to finance its work. He noted in a questionnaire that an increasing awareness of the importance of donating With excess food instead of throwing it.

The pavilion was established in collaboration with the cooperative "Atayeb Al Reef", which promotes national production by selling food prepared by housewives from different Lebanese cities. The visitors received a large number of visitors during the parties and events during the week. Visitors, hikers and practitioners of various types of sports were able to taste the national products in the food bank tent and did not hesitate to buy them, especially when they knew that part of the proceeds Will be dedicated to supporting the activity of the Lebanese Food bank and its goal to end the hunger in Lebanon by 2025

A large number of children wore green and blue balloons with food banks and put on bracelets with slogans to prevent hunger and food waste.

The food bank organized an educational competition to test visitor information about the waste of food, poverty and hunger in Lebanon.The participants showed a keen awareness of the importance of combating this waste and the role of the Lebanese Food Bank in this respect since the establishment in the year The bank cooperates with large food processing companies in Lebanon, including restaurants, hotels and event organizers, to collect food that has not been used during weddings, large parties, receptions, banquets and so on, and to repack it in food rations distributed to 70 associations and non-governmental organizations. Yucca, she proposes to deliver to the most needy families in different regions & # 39; s. Food is transported at all stages by refrigerated trucks that meet all food safety standards.

The Lebanese Food Bank has invited visitors to his pavilion to learn more about his work and how to support it on his website www.lebanesefoodbank.org and the two pages on Facebook and Instagram.

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