Lebanon joins the Guinness Book of World Records

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The city of Rumaila in Lebanon set a new record and the largest bread and the largest pattern in the world was 43.92 meters long, which will be included in the Guinness Book of Ruwaila, which is the last record recorded three years ago, namely 32 meters, is broken.

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The preparation took place for about two weeks, with more than 50 volunteers from the city taking part in the preparation of the engraving. The work was divided into several phases: the preparation of the cast-iron and related stoves, which were produced and collected locally and then were installed on a street in the city. About 150 kilos of dough took more than two hours to knead, and the gigantic engraved bread stage, which was used to light the stove about 100 kilograms of charcoal, and the stage decorated with vegetables in the colors and shape of the Lebanese flag like cucumber and tomato.

The final phase was the length-measuring phase, which was carved by a topographic inspector, and found that the length was 43.92 meters, or more than 11 meters, of the last record recorded for the longest engraved plate in Guinness.

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The ingredients of the inscription are about 12 kg of thyme mixed with tens of liters of olive oil.

Al-Khobar (Lebanon appears in the Guinness Book of World & # 39; s largest and longest plane (photo & # 39; s))
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