Markets are full of contact lenses that do not meet the requirements

The head of visual professions, Ahmed Shri, revealed that the Lebanese markets are full of contact lenses that do not meet the necessary conditions and standards and are sold in non-optical centers, also known as optics.

He pointed out in an interview with Al-Akhbar that "imported contact lenses must pass the Institute for Scientific Research to undergo the necessary tests and then the Ministry of Health to ensure that it has a permit in the country of origin before it the market. "

"Some of the opteque stores do not have a license and even in licensed stores they can measure the patient's opinion of a technician who is not competent, as the current law for the production and sale of eyewear is issued in 1968. This law does not cover, for example, the possibility of an optometrist who examines the eyes or not, and the new law for the Lower House 15 years ago classifies specialists in visual professions into two types, and defines the tasks of each of them: a metaphor in measuring vision and industry Alagah Of the so-called visual optician, technical and optical devices in the so-called "technical optical industry."

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