Moussawi discussed with the cashier the restoration of national rights in marine waters

"The meeting discussed the best ways to restore national rights in the sea, especially in the exclusive economic zone, and to unite the vision on the land border, which has been followed by different lines since 1920," said media relations in Hezbollah.

"The study also addressed the importance of setting up a commercial port and transit in the Naqoura area for the benefit and economic development of the region and for claiming Lebanese sovereignty over all countries, especially those bordering on the occupied Palestinian territories by the Israeli enemy, from the advantages of securing defense through the military base created in that strategic region, as well as offering many functions, and restoring demographic balance in all areas of Lebanon, especially as a vital artery will be feeding the region from the coast to the Arabian depth and the areas of Tire, Marjayoun – Hasbaya and the Western Bekaa.

"The two sides discussed ways to stop the attack on the nature reserve in the city of Tire in the Rashidiyeh camp, especially regarding some people to land and build houses, where the facts were reviewed between 2004 and 2017 on basis of maps.

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