MP Bahia Hariri on an inspection trip around the island of Sidon

MP Bahia Hariri visited the island of Sidon, where she toured the beach and met a number of families and people who spent their days in the nature and sea of ​​Saida.

The tour was accompanied by a number of owners of agencies and tourist ships, where they were informed about the movement of marine tourism to Al-Zira and its surroundings and the conditions in this sector, prior to a tour of the sea city behind the island and above. the site, which recently opened a water park and also met some pioneers of the sea. Sidon on the sidewalk of the tourist from which cruise boats.

Hariri took note of the active movement that the island of Saida and its surroundings have seen since the beginning of the summer season, thanks to the efforts of Friends of Zeira and Sidon Beach under the supervision of the municipality and in collaboration with all parties involved in the re-presentation and highlighting this historical and heritage site related to the ancient history of Sidon and with the memory of generations of Sidonians And placed it with great speed on the tourist map in Lebanon and the region.

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