Mr. Nasrallah revealed his wish during a meeting from the spotlight

Hezbollah's Secretary General, Mr Hassan Nasrallah, held a meeting a few days ago from the committees working in the Al-Ashurarai area, and recommended some things related to Ashura and the conditions for success. of the ceremony.

During the meeting, Nasrallah thanked God for safety and security by reviving the occasion, "after the Shiites paid dearly to revive it," pointing out that the victory of the Revolution in Iran revolutionized the mind and ideas.

He stressed the need to take into account all the controls regarding the revival of the occasion, and insisted on not allowing the occurrence of unusual phenomena, pointing out that there are attempts to work on mitigating the rituals. from Husseiniya.

Nasrallah called for direct participation in the Ashura Councils and the activation of the rise and spread, young and old, pointing to the need to spread blackness for everyone. He also called for a focus on the content and approval of popular and traditional revival.

Nasrallah emphasized that the Ashura Council should be arranged and cleansed, and noted that he personally wished he succeeded in being a servant in one of the councils, he would receive this honor and come closer to God as most references.

Nasrallah stressed the importance of joint councils, in this regard the Council of Amal movement & # 39; praising and distinguishing.

He said that the main purpose of revival is to focus on the Ashura message, noting that the main point is the preservation of Islam and religiosity, and the other goal is religious and moral polarization, and asked all parties to work, volunteer work and help and considered the ten days as an important station,.

It should be noted that the course of the ten days of Ahasawriya revival culminated in a strategic speech given by Nasrallah on the tenth day, and usually full of messages directed both abroad and within.

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